About the Artist: Nani'Ûup

Kiaunna Ferris, the creator of Nani'Ûup, grew up along the rivers and mountains in Northern California. Kiaunna is from the Hupa Valley Indian Reservation and is an enrolled member of the Yurok Tribe. She also represents the Hupa, Karuk and Chippewa people. Kiaunna created Nani'Ûup to have an outlet to share her creative side with the world. The name Nani'Ûup comes from the Karuk language, meaning "My Jewelry, Regalia, ect." Kiaunna comes from the beautiful people and will always strive to represent what her grandfather believed in- being a beautiful person, inside and out, living life in a good way, loving family unconditionally and rising above all negative situations. Most importantly, to always give with good thoughts and intentions. She is driven by her family, the love for her people, herself and mother earth. She hopes to create pieces for people to love and appreciate in a good way and is grateful for all of the continued love and support.