Frequently Asked Questions

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When should I expect shipping information?

Shipping information will be available 3-5 business days after purchase, and customer should expect to see their purchase/package within 5-7 business days, depending where package is being delivered/sent. Nani'uup ships through (USPS) United States Postal Service. So after a purchase is sent off, Nani'uup will provide the customer with shipping information and instructions on how to track shipment.

What if I am not satisfied with Nani'uup?

If customer is not satisfied with purchase, or package, please do not hesitate to reach out. I am more than happy to do a return, and refund. Sometimes things aren't what we are expecting, and that's okay! In order to get a refund, purchase cannot be worn, broken, or dirty. Customer should notify Nani'uup via email within 72 hrs upon delivery. I am more than happy to resolve any issues!

What happens if a purchase is broken, or damaged?

Nani'uup provides a safe environment for her products, inventory. After a product/purchase is sent off, Nani'uup has no control over them. However, Nani'uup will fix, and repair and damages for a small cost. Nani'uup works hard to ensure customers receive their orders in a good, safe, way. If any damages are seen upon arrival, please reach out and we will figure out something. Some sets are hard to repair, but Nani'uup will always try her best to keep you all pleased!